• Stainless Steel Magnetic Menu Boards

Stainless Steel Magnetic Menu Boards


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Aura Signs Magnetic Menu Boards are easy to update and are available in full graphic or quick-change magnetic menu strips and price digits, which make it perfect for frequent menu and price changes. Included with every Magnetic Menu Board System is an additional magnetic digit price kit, which makes price changes quick and easy. Our Magnetic Menu Boards also arrive fully assembled for easy installation, with mounting hardware included.

Oh, and don't forget the price! We offer no hassle pricing on all our Magnetic Menu Board Systems. One low price covers everything – Even custom graphic design and mounting hardware!


Stainless Steel Magnetic Menu Boards Stainless Steel Magnetic Menu Boards
Construction - Solid stainless steel construction ensures a lifetime of trouble-free maintenance. No rust, chips or cracks—ever! All Magnetic - Our magnetic strips and graphics make updating your menu a breeze. Ideal for price updates and daily rollovers.
Colors & Fonts - 30+ colors and thousands of fonts allow our design staff to create unique layouts tailored to your business. Graphics - Thousands of tasty food images to choose from. We can also use your original, high-resolution photography.



Standard Sizes

Stainless Steel Magnetic Menu Boards

Panel Sizes - menu boards are available in eight different PANEL SIZES The "A – F" panels are our most commonly used panels. And the "G" and "H" panels are for height-restricted locations.

Vinyl Colors

Menu Boards Wood Trim Series Available Vynil Colors


  • Bahama Magnetic Menu Board
  • Italian Magnetic Menu Board
  • Movies Magnetic Menu Board
  • Mexican Magnetic Menu Board
  • Pizza Magnetic Menu Board
  • Coffee Magnetic Menu Board