Point of Purchase SIGNS

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Vibrant Displays That Increase Sales

Point of Purchase (POP) Displays make a business owner's products appear more professional and appealing to the customer's eye. They are an integral component of successful marketing staying  invisible to the average consumer. The customer is thinking about a different product but often they are drawn to the one which is displayed in a more prominent fashion without realising. Skillfully crafted point of purchase (POP) displays will draw consumers to one product over another, or give a store the appearance of being more organized and clean. A point of purchase (POP) display can be a simple plastic holder for a card with product information or illuminated banner in an atmospheric light box. Mobile merchandisers, freestanding units made from wire, plastic or other materials are some of the tools being offered in the POP display industry. Marketing and design combined with an inventory of POP products complete a business ownerÂ’s marketing needs in one stop. Some companies offer simple solutions for POP displays, including the use of suction cups, poster holders, lobby displays and brochure holders. The variety of point of purchase (POP) displays is as varied as the kinds of businesses which use them. There is such a variety of point of purchase (POP) display concepts; however, it is not difficult to imagine tools, art supplies, automotive parts, stationary or home and garden items being displayed beautifully for even the lowest prices.


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