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Aura Signs outdoor LED drive thru menu boards are environmentally friendly and maintenance free. Our drive-thru menu boards are truly green, using energy efficient LED lights that do not require replacement. Our LED lighting has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and consumes one tenth the energy of the traditional lighting used by many of our digital signage system competitors on the market today. Aura Signs LED drive-thru menu boards will save you thousands in maintenance and electric costs over the lifespan of the drive-thru. This savings will more than make up for the cost of the initial purchase. Aura Signs outdoor LED drive-thru menu boards are available in pre-panel and multiple panel designs using three frame options- free standing dual leg, free standing pedestal mount or wall mount cabinet design. Aura Signs outdoor LED drive-thru menu boards are durably constructed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Aura Signs outdoor LED drive-thru menu boards have thin, waterproof enclosures and are condensation resistant. Our Outdoor LED drive-thru menu boards have an easy to change out full graphic menu system design and locking doors for security. Aura Signs outdoor LED drive-thru systems includes everything you will need to get up and running, including custom graphic design, stock photography and menu graphic printing. Aura Signs outdoor LED drive- thru menu board systems also includes a built in communication footer or speaker post option, which is construction of the same durable chassis used in our outdoor LED drive thru menu boards and is designed to last in an outdoor environment. Aura Signs also offers a complete digital drive thru menu board communication system package, which includes outdoor speaker, microphone, headsets and vehicle detection module and loop.

Custom sizes and finishes are also available upon request.

  •  30" x 40" graphic size per panel

  •  Single, double or triple panel design

  •  Illuminated side wings and headers (optional)

  •  Thin, waterproof enclosures

  •  Easy menu graphic loading with internal snap frames

  •  Welded steel frame and exterior aluminum case

  •  Hinged door opening

  •  Locking door for security

  •  Two year warranty on cabinet

  •  One year warranty on light boxes

  •  Black, Silver, or Bronze Powder coat standard finishes

  •  Custom finishes also available



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