Channel Letters

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A standard channel letter is fabricated using Aluminum (optional Stainless steel letters), acrylic face and LED's. The Channel Letter sign can be customized with design, colors and style and can be used for internal signage and external storefront signage. LED's have become a number one choice for businesses because of low voltage and low maintenance. Aura Signs offers a complete range of channel letter products, typestyles, and custom logos. Please call to discuss your channel letter project and free estimate.

The lettering styles we offer include:

  • Backlit Channel Letters     

The backlit channel letter will illuminate your channel letters from the back and give it a Halo lit effect. These letters are mounted with spacers on the wall to create the Halo effect.

  • Back lit/Front Lit Letters

These channel letters are illuminated from front and back.

  • LED Channel Letters

LED channel letters are bright, long-lasting and energy-efficient..

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